Main Reasons You Have to Buy the Pioneer DDJ-RZX midi controller

When it comes to DJ equipment and in particular the best midi controller on the market today, there are few brands that carry as much serious weight as Pioneer. They are the flagship manufacturers of mixers and midi controllers. So let’s take a look at the best midi controller in the world right now according to us. Let us introduce to you the Pioneer DDJ-RZX midi controller. So let’s check out some of the key features.

Includes a Rekordbox video feature with onboard displays

Yes that’s right, the best dj equipment for beginners in the world today from respected brand Pioneer comes with it’s very own Rordbox video feature and even packs in its very own onboard displays. This midi controller is specifically designed for the mobile DJ. Packed with features, the DDJ-RZX has a whopping three touch screens that measure a cool seven inches each. These screens allow you as DJ to completely control all the main features such as the track info, track videos and even the wave forms. Pioneer recognize that every DJ needs complete control of these things at their fingertips.

Hi-tech video monitoring midi controller

The video monitoring as well as the previewing modes on the Pioneer DDJ-RZX midi controller are now sharper than ever before. Thus giving you access to all the new and exciting features that the RecodBox video plus pack gives the DJ. In terms of which file types this amazing bit of technology can work with, well count them all in from WMV, MP4 to AVI and lots of other kinds that can handle video as well.